for your app.

  • Post to Facebook's Open Graph
  • Generate interesting user stories, not spam
  • Reach your users' friends

How does it work?

Users do something awesome using your app.


Carrot posts the story to the user's Facebook feed.


Friends see the story and are enticed to try your app.


Those friends become new users. Repeat.



Tell your user's story on Facebook.

In my app, a user can solve a mystery.

Custom Stories

Your viral strategy should fit your app. Your users are doing unique and interesting things, we help you turn those moments into an advertising strategy.


Solve the riddle: What grows in the ground and will grow your audience?
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Designer Friendly

Our WYSIWYG editor allows designers and writers to preview, edit, and optimize viral stories. Be as fussy as you want about getting it just right.

  [[Carrot sharedInstance] postAction:@"solve" 

Developer Friendly

Post actions with one line of code, and no developer time is needed to edit and update stories. Stop wasting development time keeping up with Facebook or setting up complicated XML blobs.

Works with apps made in:

Ios128 iOS, Android128 Android, Unity128 Unity, Corona250 Corona SDK, As3_400 Flash.
Ruby, Node.js, Python, PHP